Newsletter Growth Without the Grind

Turn your newsletter into a profitable business without relying on ads and sponsors.

The Newsletter Business Lab is a month-long, live community course for creators who want to grow and monetize their newsletters business - in a non-hacky, non-hustling way.Together with other newsletter owners, you'll create your personal - and actionable - plan for your newsletter in 2024.You'll end up with a step-by-step plan for how to turn your newsletter into a profitable business in 3 months (without depending on sponsors or paying subscribers).

Does this sound like you?

  • You are tired of the hacking and hustling culture.

  • You want to build a profitable newsletter but are not sure what to focus on.

  • You struggle to come up with things to write about and share on social media.

  • You want to build a business but hate being seen as too pushy or salesy.

  • You don’t want to rely on ads and sponsorships to monetize your newsletter.

  • You are not sure how to use your newsletter to promote your products or services.

  • You often overthink, leading to doing nothing at all.

  • It feels like everyone else is doing better than you.

Does it feel like you are the only one who doesn't have it figured out? That's not the case. The eight points above are the most common struggles I hear from newsletter owners!
Let's fix it!

How do you build a newsletter that will last?

You know your newsletter has the potential to take your business to the next level and make it a stable source of income. You know it, because you see the success stories proving it every day online.You have the knowledge and the idea of what you want to say. It’s just… hard to know where to start, right? And you don’t want to end up down the road realizing you picked the wrong route.Everyone is giving you different tips, hacks, and tactics. Which ones do you pick, and how do you know if they work?

Hint; It is not by selling ads and sponsorships...

Thanks to the last few years' hype, selling ads seems like the Golden Goose of the newsletter world. A money-printing machine where you turn on the faucet - and earn thousands of dollars every month.For a short period of time, this was almost true. But that is changing.Before you can even start reaching out to sponsors, you need 1000s of subscribers. And you'll be constantly fighting over ad money with newsletters with more subscribers and higher open rates.There is better way!

(The following quotes are NOT to be seen as endorsements of my product)

Join the Newsletter Lab!

Turn your newsletter into a profitable business in 90 days.

During four weeks, you will work alongside other newsletter owners. Each week, there’ll be 2 live events where you’ll learn one part with actionable tasks. The events will be recorded.Until the next life, you’ll work on those tasks in a community with others. I’ll be guiding you through it.Each part builds on the previous one - and you don’t have to wait until after the cohort to put it into action. From Week 1, you'll put what you learn into action.

Module 1: Defining Goals and Strategy

  • Defining your newsletter business goals: What is the ultimate outcome for you?

  • The 4-Step Growth Compass: A simple 4-step plan to guide your content, audience growth, and how you'll make money.

  • Finding and defining your audience: Who they are, what they need - and why they will pay you to help them get it.

  • The Big Problem: The one big pain point your audience is ready to pay for to get rid of.

  • Creating a sign-up page for your newsletter that’ll convert the right people.

Module 2: Planning Engaging Content and Building Trust

  • The 5 Small Steps: Break down the Big Problem into the 5 steps your audience needs to take to solve it and reach their Goal.

  • Your main Talking Topics: Never struggle to come up with content ideas again.

  • Understanding the simple, modular framework for creating an engaging Welcome Sequence.

  • The Trust Sequence: With the 5 Steps as a guide, you’ll write a welcome sequence that’ll take care of every single subscriber, building trust and engagement.

Module 3: Reaching Your Audience and Growing your Newsletter

  • A more efficient approach to content creation: Plan and write your newsletter, and social content with the least amount of effort.

  • Using content to discover new product opportunities.

  • Becoming the expert in your field: How to use the 5-steps to become a thought leader in your niche.

Module 4: Creating Paid Products and Automating the Sales

  • The DIY, DIW, and DIF frameworks for creating products for everyone.

  • Create your first offer: A step-by-step approach to packaging and presenting your expertise in a paid product.

  • The Offer Flow: Create and connect a sales pitch that will only sell to those that really wants it.

Who is this cohort for?

This is for you if:

  • You want to build a profitable newsletter but do not want to rely on ads and sponsors.

  • You have - or want to have - a product or service to sell.

  • You want a framework to follow - so you’ll always know what to do.

  • You want an automated system that will help you sell your services and products

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking to monetize solely with ads and sponsorships.

  • You want to focus on getting as many subscribers as fast as possible.

  • You don't have at least one hour per day to invest.

Ready to launch your newsletter business?

The Newsletter Lab will cost $400 from the next cohort. But as a student of the first one, you are able to get it for half the price. It will never be as cheap again.

  • Cohort #1: February 21st - March 16th 2024.

  • Lifetime access to all course material

  • 4 modules with 8 live sessions

  • Templates, tactics and frameworks.

  • Access to the community during the cohort

  • 3 months of support after the cohort



When are the live sessions taking place?
The live session will stream on Wednesdays (starting Feb 21st) and Saturdays - at 12 pm EST | 17.00 GMT. All sessions will be recorded and accessible afterward.
What if I need help between the live sessions?
During the entire cohort period, you'll have full access to the community with everyone participating. I'll be fully available during the whole time!
Is there a refund policy?
Yes! If you are not completely happy with the cohort, let me know any time before the end and I'll refund you.
Do you have another question? Shoot me an email!

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